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Wartmann blender vacuum pump, WM-1807 VC

Sale price€89,95

Wartmann. Blender. Vacuum pump. WM-1807 VC.

The perfect addition to the Wartmann high speed power blender

This Wartmann vacuum pump very effectively removes all air from the jug before blending. This prevents oxidation of vitamins and discoloration of fruit and juices. But you can also keep your smoothies, sauces and soups fresh and tasty for much longer afterwards by storing them in a suitable vacuum beaker (600ml) that you can even safely take with you wherever you go. Isn't it wonderful to be able to take super fresh smoothies after your workout or a freshly prepared sauce to a dinner with friends or family?


Handy vacuum drinking cups have been developed so that you can keep your juices cooled and under vacuum for even longer. Using a vacuum blender keeps the juice at a better texture and freshness. Moreover, the fibers are not separated from the juice, so no more layers after a few minutes, just deliciously healthy, fiber-rich and smooth juice.


With this pump you can not only vacuum the Wartmann vacuum blender, but also certain resealable vacuum bags with Ziploc closure and vacuum valve. This allows you to reuse these vacuum bags more often. Please note: we do not recommend reusing vacuum bags in which meat has been stored or prepared.

Wartmann. Blender. Vacuum pomp. WM-1807 VC compleet. Wit Vuurbak.
Wartmann blender vacuum pump, WM-1807 VC Sale price€89,95