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Churrasco Forged serving tongs

Sale price€22,00

Set of Churrasco stainless steel serving tongs 4 pieces.

Churrasco comes from the time of the gauchos (cowboys in southern Brazil) who grilled meat on skewers over hot coals in the ground. The Churrasco series from Forged makes it possible for everyone to experience this experience and style at home. The skewers and forks are made of high-quality steel in combination with olive wood. The handle has a round to oval shape and is made of olive wood. This makes it very comfortable to hold. Thanks to the sharp points, you can effortlessly thread any piece of meat, vegetable or fruit onto your skewer or fork and the V-shape of the skewers ensures that it stays in place during grilling and serving. Serving is done using the serving pan. The serving pan ensures that marinades, meat juices and leftover meat are collected during cutting. The stainless steel tongs make it easy for guests to handle the cut pieces of meat or vegetables and complete the Churrasco experience.

Churrasco Forged serveertangen Vuurbak.
Churrasco Forged serving tongs Sale price€22,00