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Churrasco Forged Skewer V-shape 70 cm

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Experience? That's right with these great new items from Forged. Whatever you are going to do with vegetables.

In Latin America, churrasco refers to grilled (beef) meat, and this term is also known in Spain and Portugal. But it originally comes from Brazil, where the meat is grilled on large skewers over the barbecue.

Churrasco comes from the time of the gauchos – cowboys in southern Brazil – who grilled meat on skewers over hot coals in the ground. Nowadays it is still widely eaten and churrasco has also spread to countries such as Uruguay, Guatemala and Argentina. But it is also a common dish in Europe – Spain, Portugal.

Churrasco Forged Skewer V-shape 70 cm

Material: Japanese steel and olive wood
Size: 70 cm
Hardness of 58 Rockwell
The olive wood handle is not fire resistant
Not suitable for the dishwasher.
After washing, dry with a cloth