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Nordur Salt 125 grams in a beautiful tin.

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Nordur Salt 125 grams in a beautiful tin.

Salt flakes from the cleanest sea in the world. Produced according to a centuries-old traditional method (geo-thermal heating)

The makers of Norður & Co have great goals, to make the world a little better and want to change your food and taste experience, one salt flake at a time." With the salt flakes they have created a fantastic product that has made headlines on both sides of the Atlantic. Not only because it is a high-quality, tasty product, but also because of their unique design and traditional, very environmentally conscious production methods.

Nordur Salt is made using a traditional Icelandic/Danish method that dates back to 1753 and was practiced in the same place where Norður Salt is produced today. Pure beauty!

Mineral composition

Sodium Chloride, NaCi (%) 90.50

Calcium (%) 0.08

Copper (ppm) 0.002

Lodine (ppm) 0.11

Iron (ppm) 0.17

Magnesium (ppm) 0.36

Potassium (%) 0.11

Sulphate (%) 0.72

Density (grams/mL) 0.593

Moisture (%) 6.18