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Petromax GP 30-grill pan-grill skillet-30cm with handle

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GP30 Grill Skillet with handle:

The products of the Petromax brand are known for their great quality and beautiful finish. This skillet is a very solid and beautiful pan, an asset for every outdoor chef!

A skillet is a cast iron frying pan. Perfect for use directly on a campfire, but also suitable for all other heat sources. This versatile pan can be used indoors and outdoors.

This Grill Skillet has a ribbed surface. This gives the meat the beautiful grill stripes when frying and ensures frying in less fat.

Because the pan acquires a protective layer during use, it improves over the years. A good cast iron pan, such as this Petromax, is a pan for life.

The handle and handle make the pan easy to handle, even when it is in a hot campfire.