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Rocket Stove RF33 with transport bag

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With the Petromax Rocket Stove RF33 you can cook outdoors on firewood in a controlled and safe manner. This stove is a very efficient wood burner and designed in such a way that you quickly reach a high temperature. It is possible to cook almost anywhere with very little fuel. You can immediately start cooking, baking and grilling. Perfect to use with a Dutch Oven.

This rocket stove burns on biomass such as split wood, firewood and other combustible natural materials such as pine cones. The combustion chamber has an L-shape. This ensures the correct supply of air so that you benefit optimally from the heat. The stove comes with a rack that you place in front of the combustion chamber. You place the fuel on this and then slowly push it further into the stove. You regulate the temperature by varying the number of twigs or pieces of wood in the fire chamber. You can extinguish the fire by letting the wood burn out or by removing the wood from the fire chamber. With the exception of the cast iron top ring, the stove is made entirely of stainless steel filled with insulating material.

It is preferable to place the stove on a flat surface that can withstand high temperatures. You light the stove with, for example, a fire starter or other material that burns quickly. You can then add a little thicker material each time. Place a pan on the cast iron top ring. You can use different types of pans, but we recommend using a cast iron pan. For example, a Dutch Oven. Pans with a non-stick coating or plastic handles are often not resistant to high temperatures.

Rocket Stove RF33 with transport bag
Rocket Stove RF33 with transport bag Sale price€174,80 Regular price€184,00