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Petromax Scraper Serrated

Sale price€4,70 Regular price€4,95

The Petromax Scraper Serrated is a powerful all-rounder for cleaning grill pans! The teeth of the handy scraper remove heavy residues in all your Petromax products. The curve on the bottom edge perfectly matches the profile of the Petromax GP grill pans to easily scrape away stuck-on cooking and roasting residues from the cast iron pan. The teeth of the scraper clean thoroughly, while preserving the valuable patina.

Teeth with grip

The tooth structure of the scraper fits perfectly into all cast iron Petromax products with a ribbed surface. This allows you to easily clean any grilling surface with grooves, saving you time cleaning and maintaining your cast iron products. The scraper is heat resistant up to 120 °C and therefore you can clean cast iron products that are still warm or soaked in hot water. The ribbed scraper is made of food-safe plastic.

Dimensions & Weight
Length 8 cm
Width 13.6 cm
Height 1 cm
Weight 42 gr
Material & Color
Material Polypropylene
Colour Orange
Petromax Schraper Getand Vuurbak.
Petromax Scraper Serrated Sale price€4,70 Regular price€4,95