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Petromax Wrought iron frying pan 28cm

Sale price€56,95 Regular price€59,95

Perfect pan for frying meat, fish and vegetables!

  • Baking on a campfire or barbecue.
  • Baking without synthetic non-stick coating.
  • Also suitable for home use, on the stove or in the oven.
  • Never clean with dishwashing liquid!


  • Solid wrought iron pan of 28 cm
  • For cooking on a campfire at home on the stove
  • Ensure gradual heat distribution
  • Develops a natural non-stick coating
  • Available in 3 different sizes
  • Easy to clean
  • German quality

No more sticking thanks to a unique surface structure

When used for the first time, a self-adhesive protective layer forms on the unique surface structure. This patina, characteristic of wrought iron pans, develops further with each use. The surface of the pan becomes darker, firmer and makes the Petromax pan an indispensable companion in the kitchen. It is now possible to easily fry, roast and braise without the food sticking to the pan. The rustic pan is also suitable for serving dishes with style, and the individually welded handle is safe to handle.

On all types of cooking areas

You can use the wrought iron pan not only on an electric stove, on a gas flame or in the oven, but also outdoors on a campfire or a suitable barbecue. Baking, roasting or frying in the wrought iron pan makes every meal a pleasure.

Dimensions & Weight
Diameter 28 cm
Length 53 cm
Width 28 cm
Height 14 cm
Weight 1.52kg
Petromax Smeedijzeren koekenpan 28cm Vuurbak.
Petromax Wrought iron frying pan 28cm Sale price€56,95 Regular price€59,95