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RIVSALT Liquorice

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LIQUORICE is a very special part of the "RIVSALT gastronomic experience". A beautiful chunk of premium raw liquorice (Italian quality) together with the grater and stand, this combination is the talking point of your dinner and a unique taste sensation.

The Netherlands, drop country? How about Italy. According to the 'Encyclopedia Britannica' the best licorice in the world from Calabria! Here grow plants belonging to the leguminous family with the scientific name: 'Glycyrrhiza glabra', AKA Licorice, a perennial shrub complete with roots and branches that grows creeping along the ground. Calabria, where the climate is favorable for this plant.

Drop over your dishes? Just do it, experiment and share your tastiest discoveries with us.

Just about any dessert gets a tasty kick from grated raw licorice, whether it's ice cream or a piece of chocolate cake. you can also spice up your baking, your Saturday night chili, or a cup of hot chocolate or tea. you can trust that it is made without additives or impurities and completely vegan and gluten-free. Experiment like crazy, Drop steak?

RIVSALT-Liquorice Vuurbak.
RIVSALT Liquorice Sale price€27,95