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RIVSALT - pepper

Sale price€27,95

Rivsalt pepper contains different aromas of peppers from the Indonesian island of Java. In addition to the well-known pepper taste, you will also recognize the aroma of licorice, anise and cinnamon in the long peppers and it gives a spicy sensation at the end, a special black pepper with a twist.

The pepper set consists of Javanese long peppers, a stainless steel grater (Japanese stainless steel) and an oak stand. Refills can be ordered separately.

Please note the dimensions of this product. In terms of size, it is comparable to a traditional salt and pepper shaker!
-grater 2.5cm wide, 10cm high and 0.1cm thick
-standard 4.3cm transverse and 1.9cm thick
-Java long peppers between 2 and 4 cm. Packaging 15 grams
RIVSALT - pepper Vuurbak.
RIVSALT - pepper Sale price€27,95