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Wartmann sous vide set basic

Sale price€159,00

Kick start your gastronomic skills with this sous vide starter set. The set consists of a sous vide regulator, water container and a vacuum device.

High "Wartmann" quality now SUPER CHEAP from €236.95 for €179.95

Robust sous vide controller

WM-1508 SV with water circulation and precision temperature control. Now in combination with the polycarbonate water container and the vacuum & seal. With this you are ready to start..........

A waterproof design allows this device to withstand complete immersion in water. With the adjustment screw you can easily attach the sous vide controller to a water container or pan. You can set the controller to the desired time and temperature via the touch screen. A beep indicates when you can put your dish in the water. After every 60 hours of use, the sous vide controller reminds you to descale the device if necessary. This compact sous vide controller takes up little space so you can easily store or take it with you after use.

Power 1000.0000 WATT

  1. Voltage 220-240 volts @ 50 Hz

  2. Immersion proof: IPx7 classification

  3. Water circulation

  4. Temperature range 35 to 95 degrees

  5. Celsius Preparation time adjustable up to 99 hours

  6. Tiptouch operation Acoustic signaling

  7. Descaling reminder after every 60 hours of use

  8. Certification: CE, GS Specifications (general)

Vacuum device, WM-1507 SL, Slim, Black

A compact and slim vacuum device that you can use with a single press of a button
serves. Very suitable for vacuum packaging your food and very handy
when you want to cook sous vide. You can easily use this vacuum device in one
kitchen drawer storage.
With a maximum negative pressure of 0.8 bar, this vacuum device is not inferior to the
larger models. Suitable for vacuum bags with a width of 28 cm and narrower.
Vacuum packaging keeps chilled food fresh up to five times longer; colour
and taste is preserved.

• Pump pressure: - 0.8 bar (±10%)
• Pump type: Single
• Seal wire thickness: 2.5 mm
• Suitable for vacuum packaging using vacuum bags
• Suitable for sealing using vacuum bags
• Suitable for sous vide cooking
• Can be stored in a kitchen drawer
• Easy to clean
• Single button operation
• Maximum negative pressure of 0.8 bar
• Energy saving mode

The polycarbonate water container in this set is very useful when cooking with one of the sous vide rods.

The volume is 12 liters, which is large enough for 4 or 5 sous vide bags. On one side of the container is a handy indication of the water level


wartmann sous-vide set basic Vuurbak.
Wartmann sous vide set basic Sale price€159,00